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Sets (in bar to every set compote is served for free)

1. pork chop with potatoes, salad 15,50 zł
2. dumplings with fried onion (7 pcs.), soup 12,90 zł
3. fillet of hake fish with chips, salad 15,50 zł
4. large potato pancake with goulash, salad 16,50 zł
5. home-made burger with potatoes, salad 14,00 zł
6. potato dumplings with goulash, salad 17,50 zł


scrambled eggs with butter (3 eggs) 4,00 zł
scrambled eggs with bacon (3 eggs) 5,00 zł
poultry sausage 4,50 zł
roll with butter2,00 zł
roll with cheese3,00 zł
roll with various cold meat3,00 zł
fried egg1,50 zł

Soup (400ml)

soup of the day (everyday a few different) 4,50 zł
tomato soup 4,50 zł
goulash soup 7,00 zł
tripe soup 7,00 zł


Meat dishes

home-made burger (130g) 8,00 zł
pork chop (120g) 9,50 zł
pork chop with cheese and chopped pepper (150g) 10,50 zł
breaded chicken breast (120g) 9,50 zł
breaded chicken breast stuffed with mushrooms (150g) 10,50 zł
goulash (250g) 8,50 zł
chopped steak with fried onions (130g) 8,50 zł
chuck steak with sauce (150g) 10,00 zł
large potato pancake with goulash (400g) 13,50 zł
meat balls with gravy (150g) 8,00 zł
cabbage leaves stuffed with meat and rice (300g) 9,00 zł



fillet of cod fish (100g) 9,50 zł
fillet of hake fish (100g) 8,50 zł
fillet of grenadier fish (100g) 8,50 zł


Dumplings 7 pcs.

dumplings filled with potatoes and cottage cheese 8,40 zł
dumplings filled with meat 8,40 zł
dumplings filled with cabbage and mushrooms 8,40 zł
dumplings filled with fruits 8,40 zł


Sweet dishes

Omlette with sweet cream and fruits 12,00 zł
Pancake rolls filled with cheese (2pcs.) 7,50 zł
Pancake rolls filled with jam (2pcs.) 6,00 zł


Optional additions

potatoes (300g) 3,00 zł
buckwheat (200g) 3,50 zł
rice (200g) 3,50 zł
potato dumplings (300g) 6,00 zł
potato pancakes (4 pcs.) 7,00 zł
chips (150g) 4,00 zł
gravy (100g) 2,00 zł
rolls 1,00 zł



salad with chinese lettuce (150g) 3,00 zł
salad with white cabbage (150g) 3,00 zł
sauerkraut (150g) 3,00 zł
beetroot (150g) 3,00 zł
carrot and pea salad (150g) 4,20 zł
grated carrot in sweet cream (150g) 3,00 zł
grated celeriac in sweet cream (150g) 3,00 zł
steamed vegetables (150g) 4,20 zł
fried cabbage (150g) 4,20 zł



cold home-made fruit compote (300ml) 2,00 zł
hot beetroot drink (250ml) 2,50 zł
tea (250ml) 3,00 zł
coffee (250ml) 4,00 zł
coffee Inka (250ml) 2,50 zł
soft drink (can 0,33l) 3,00 zł
beer (bottle 0,5l) Bosman, Tyskie, Lech
6,00 zł

to take-away – 1,00 zł

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